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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hindi language and its challenges and developments

Hello Friends,

I want to write something on Hindi, Hindi is the language which is developing very fastly in all over the world. As I am an Indian, It is our National Language, by the way in India, there are many languages, people used to speak according to the location and community. But still Hindi is our National language which have been speaking in many regions.

I got up early in Hindi Diwas i.e. 14th Sep 2012, I firstly wished my all friends in Facebook and got news paper, i saw the development of Hindi and wondered to know that Hindi and Sanskrit are such languages which have been added in course curriculum in the world universities and colleges in like China, U.S., Russia, UK etc. Over 170 countries in the world where Hindi is being taught by the colleges to students. Hindi has become the International languages in the world.

I also wondered to know one person's comment on Hindi Diwas that Why we celebrate Hindi Diwas, it low down the status of Hindi. Why we celebrate any Day, due to promotion of any Day. It is unfortunate that We are going to celebrate Hindi Diwas, as it is our National Language, we should use this language and never let it down.

I was listening our president Sri Pranav Mukherjee lecture on Hindi diwas 2012, he was doing lot of mistakes speaking his lectures, his Hindi was also not good, it was happy to listen his lecture at the end, he told us that next year my Hindi will be good too.

As famous actor Amitabh Bachchan said on KBC set on Hindi Diwas, that we should promote all the languages with Hindi, we should have proud to tell any languages. He told us a famous line of his father Late Sri Harivansa Rai Bachchan Sahab on that day.

It is wondered to know that, in the Europe, there are more than 12 magazines is published in Hindi Language.

Some helpful Tips on Hindi Use

1. Hindi can be using in your mobile phone, iPad, iPhone etc, you can change your language settings.

Helpful Article: How to type in Hindi in your Android device.

2. It can also be used in your computers and mobiles too. You can change the network settings in your OS, control panel.

3. There are many website where you can types in Hindi or translate your english to Hindi like

4. Learn typing in Hindi[ildc.in/inscriptlayout.html], where you can download the hindi keyboard layout and can learn.

Every people want to use Hindi in their daily conversation, but due to lack of knowledge, they could not use it. I would tell you that you can learn typing Hindi or use online tool to translate your sentences in Hindi. Many people want to use Hindi in their blogger or any others blogs, but can not write. Learn First.

"To use Hindi in our National language important for success of our country"
-- Mahatma Gandhi jee

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gandhi Jee and The Independent India

Why I am here to write about Independent India, I want to share with you something, today Indian again in hand of some politicians. India is not same as it was at the time of Gandhi jee. Gandhi jee has got India Free from British but now again India is unfree, its is cover with corruption and lot of irregularities in our Country. Riots are not closed yet. We can take example of ASAM and Mumbai.

He was in Shawl and loincloth, and in the same dress he had visited the Lancashire to particilate in conference of all the countries to discuss about Indian freedom. For this act we should take lessons from them, how he boycotted the Western Cloth and give importance to Indian Cloth, think that time there is not manufacturing plant, on what basis he refused the western dress, it was only the basis of 'Charkha'.

I want to remember Gandhi's Jee patience and non-violence, after the barbarism of the British Government at Jaliawala bhag, still Gandhi jee solved this issue vary patiently, he was so clever man, he knew everything but non-violence is the only strong point he was having.

He had to go jail various times, but he never felt shy on it, he was proud to go jail for Indian people.

When Gandhi Jee came from South Africa to India, He saw the cruel act of British administration and saw how people were facing lots of problem from it. He decided to set free India from British Government and wanted to make new India having own country act and rules.

India is free now and we are having own rules and act of our own sovereign, It has gone 64 years. Gandhi jee had given freedom to us but he could not stop the casteism and not able to stop by dividing of HINDU AND MUSALMAN, then only India and Pakistan became separate.

When riots were going on between Hindu and Muslim in India after freedom from British Government, he was very upset on it and decided to keep uncertain fast and he did. when riots were closed then he left fast. He saved dying himself.

That time riots was closed but after the death of Gandhi jee on 30th January 1948, again it started and till yet it is going on.

These are the sentence of Free India, Now again India is in problem, lots of irregularities, voilences, riots, problems like corruption etc came against the success of the country.

At the time of Gandhi jee, people were not having lot of money to give others, but now it is the time when people having lot of money to give bribe and make India corrupt. We need Gandhi jee again in our country and make it clean India.

Friends, Gandhi jee used to say that some of the British people can not rule on crores of Indian People, if people started refusing it, they could not able to survive. But the today it is not the problem we have our own Government. According to me if people would not give bribe, our country which has population in billions and every people started fighting with that, then think friends what will happen. We elect government in our country.

We can not forget the sacrifice of Gandhi jee and other leaders who was with him. We again have to take steps against these problems, we can not change others, but we can change ourself by non-voilence, truthfullness, helpful to others. We can help the Government to fight from it and remove it.

Friends something I missed or did mistake, so kindly send me email or comment here. I will update this page.

Sorry if done any mistake.



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