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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Help the needy people: How

Hello Friends,

I used to write blogs on actual and fact events for this blog called GSE Social Services, under this I used to help people where ever necessary by anything. Whenever I meet such people who need help, I help them.

I know many peoples who have dedicated their whole life serving needy people. There are many such time in which we can help people. There are many ways to help people.

* We can donate money,
* We can volunteer for people who need it,
* We can give funds to various foundations and NGO
* We can feed people
* Help people by anything like tutoring poor child etc

One of the situation I faced one day, see the full conversation with one people who need help and asked to me on the road. I was coming from somewhere at night around 9:30 PM, one people who was with his wife and a small baby interact on the road and asked to me:

Man : Will you speak Marathi or Hindi?(Sahab aap Marathi bolege ya Hindi?)

Me : Hindi, tell me, what's the matter?(Bataye Kya bat hai)..

Man: We are from Maharashtra, we came here for the work with one contractor, and he has left us, we are wondering here at Noida, we have to return to our village, kindly help us.

His Wife: Bhaiya, please reach us to my village, we have to go. Please...

Me: (So Sad), you can come to my house and stay here today..

Man: No Sir, we will go today by train..Please help us with some money for train ticket..

Me: Take Rs 50 for your help

Man: Thank you sahab, we will ask more money to someone else and will return to our village. Thanks

His wife: thank you bhaiya

See friends, there may be any moment, where you may meet someone who need immediate help. We should help such people weather we have to do anything for them. We should prepare for that. GOD has sent us in the earth for the wellbeing of poor people and needy people.

Second situation

One day I was going somewhere, and what I see, a person lies on the middle of the road, he was drunk. He had no sense where he is sleeping. Accident may have been occurred there, I initially took action and shift that person on the side of the road i.e. footpath and asked that person about his mobile number if any. But he has not remembered his phone number. I had a small chat with him.

He keeps telling anonymously, because he was drunk. I did not have any issue with his drunkenness. I asked his contact, but he was unable to produce such information so that I would contact to his family. I purchased dinner for him and gave Rs 100 to go to his home. I said you eat your dinner and have rest here only, when you will be in your sense, you will go your home and I left from there.

Ravi Kumar
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