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Friday, July 25, 2014

IRCTC Food Review

Hello Friends,

I want to share the live scam of IRCTC Food. What I have seen that there is a big difference between IRCTC Menu card rate and actual rate of food in trains. People keep complaining about that, IRCTC staff(Private Vendors) on train charge double rate of any food items. I have traveled many times used that food too, but wondered to see its actual menu card rate on live websites.

You can also see : http://www.irctc.com/menu.html

You will be wondered that, how IRCTC Staffs(Private Vendors) are doing scam and defame the big name of IRCTC.

IRCTC has very good menu items in Good rate, but in Train, their staffs are charging double rate. I do not understand why? Why people are doing such corruptions, they do not have penny  for their children or IRCTC does not give salary to them.

If you are also a victim of such things, share your thoughts in the comment sections.

We have to complain about this to higher authority, because in train all staffs are in same boat. Complain Here: http://www.irctc.com/Contact_Us.html

Have a look, a recent conversation with them: They are begging that do not tell this to anyone.

One more instance in new Government - Update 13-12-2015

For your information, I am feeling happy to say that Indian Railway has improved their system and taking action against corrupted officers and staffs. In recent case, one person purchased a water bottle worth Rs 20, but actual MRP was Rs 15. He just tweeted the following and lets check the Indian Railway Reply:

Source: thelogicalindian.com

Now you can complain to Indian Railway Customer Care regarding any things like overcharging, corruption etc:

Customer Care No. : 011-39340000, 011-23340000

Mobile Robbery is increasing in Noida Region

Hello Friends,

Today I am writing on truth event and would like to share with you about 'Mobile Robbery' in Noida Region(Called IT City). I feel fear thinking about people who go office daily.Their stuffs are not secured, even they are not secured. Read Carefully...

When My friends are going home from office, some people came on bike and robbed their mobile phone and went away speedily. No body could do any thing. They have complained and lodged an FIR but nothing happened.

Time to Time, such activity keep happening on the road near, Fortis, Sec 71, 65, 64, 63, 66 etc in Noida.

Today, My Friend Pankaj has lost his mobile, he said, when he was going home from office, three people in bike came very speedily and robbed his mobile and went away.

Many people think that such activity is really increasing in Noida. Day by day, all are becoming victims. There are 3 peoples in my office itself. Hemant, Shaheb, Pankaj.

How to save your mobile phone?

1. You can activate SMS Verification on SIM card, when somebody put new SIM in your mobile phone, you will get complete details of that person who steal your phone. By this way you can track your phone.

2. You can file FIR and deactivate your SIM card first showing FIR copy. The Police can track your mobile phone.

3. Register your phone with your network operator

4. You can install anti theft software/app in your mobile phone.

5. How to Protect a Mobile Phone from Being Stolen

I feared thinking about that and post in my Facebook: Have a look:

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Must Watch Viral Video:How to treat woman like an Indian man?

This is the video on #likeAnIndianMan and #LikeAGirl which is the party of campaign on 'Always Like A Girl'. Shame on Such Men who thinks such kind of things.

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