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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Visit to Dhanbad Jail and found corrupted

Hello Friends,

I am going to share my experience of my visit to Dhanbad Jail. I had to meet one of my friends who has been in jail for wrong case. You can say, it is only the DERELICTION of local Thana.

When I reached their, One Lady on the main gate did not say anything and let us go into the Dhanbad Jail Ground. You have to entry your name first on the slip which goes to that person who is in Jail and that information has been sent to them. You do not believe the person who has written name on the white slip, he was taking money for that and not giving any Gov. Slip. Next to that person who is writing the stuff name which we are to give to our friend, again he asked for money for this and did not give any Gov. Slip.

Next to meet my friends, he was on making attendance on the court, we met him. Now listen the policemen who are with him asked for money 'Chai Pani'.

My intention is to mention our 'Law System' which is fully corrupted and people are fedup with these things. I think Government does not give any penny to those Jail Staffs and Policemen. I saw that Satyamev JayateEpisode for Policemen in which the condition of our Law System and Policemen has been showed. I know it is hard but not impossible. We can correct it.

Then, after meeting, we were returning from Jail, at last on the main gate, the lady asked for money for Chai Pani. We did not give and said the Government does not give you salary, why asking money.

And this was the story of mine to visit Dhanbad Jail.

Now, I am asking question that what the status of our Law System is. Are we following our Constitution rules? Why they demand for money for everything? Has our Law System been sold out?

Please share your experience, if you have.

How to file an RTI

Hello Friends,

In many occasions, we need some information from the Government and it is our right. Sometime the Governbment people misuse the funds and show the false statement. We can ask such information anytime by RTI Filing.

One Example:

Suppose, in your locality, the road construction is going on. The concern Government department has enough funds for that but still the work is not going on well and they use bad quality stuffs for constructions. You can ask any information regarding this by filing RTI and it is under Right to Information Act, 2005’.

How to File an RTI

1. Start with writing your complete postal address
2. Write ‘Application under Right to Information Act, 2005’ in subject
3. Give a brief description regarding your queries
4. Give your details like Name, Place of Applications and signature

5. You have to attach a court fee stamp (Rs 10) with fee for application, CD, Photocopy of documents etc

6. Attach your identity proof like PAN Card/Ration Card/Driver's license/Passport.

Sample RTI Application

Hope These Help!


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