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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Looking for an NGO who can help poor in Dhanbad

Hello Friends

I found a poor in Dhanbad near gaya pool. He was fully helpless and without any cloth.

I am just looking for such NGO who has any shelters for such peoples in Dhanbad or nearby regions.

Here is the Picture of that man who lied in footpath helpless:

1. He was without cloth(naked) Yesterday dated 20th june 2016 near Gaya Pool Dhanbad
2. He could not able to speak
3. He could not able to eat itself

I just have gone there and give him cold water, cloth and bread. He was not able to eat itself. I just give water and bread in his mouth from my hand.

I was crying to see him in this condition. Giving food or cloth is not the permanent solution for him. I have contacted someone to help me to let him go to any shelter so that they will be taking care of him.

Please help me if you know any NGO or shelter services in Dhanbad, Jharkhand.

Update: 22 June 2016

I had contacted Raj Kumar Soni Jee and Manauwar Jee to help me to bring him hospital. We called Local Police station Bank More PS Dhanbad. They told us to do the same.

We have admitted him to PMCH today and his treatment is going on by the doctors of PMCH dhanbad. I would like to thank all who has helped him and me for this mission.

Specially Thanks to Mr. Raj Kumar Soni(AAM AADMI PARTY Dhanbad) and Manaowar Jee(AAM AADMI Party Youth Wing, Dhanbad) who has helped a lot.

Here is the some pictures which can touch your heart too:

Updated: 23 June 2016

I had gone to PMCH Dhanbad to see him. He was laying on the bed and had enough cough. Needed Treatment is going on. I had a talk with doctors. I had given some food, water, saloon expenditure, cloths etc. Although he could not able to do anything himself.

Here is the snapshots:

Update 24 June 2016

I had gone to PMCH today to meet him with some home made food and water. I checked there, he was not on the bed number 22. I asked to nurse that where is he? She said, he was walking in the night and shifted to bed number 27 himself.

I went to bed number 27 and start feeding food. He was feeling well. Here is the snapshots:

I am still looking for any shelter for poors in dhanbad and I asked many peoples regarding the permanent living for him, here is the conversation:

1. Akhlaque Ahmad - There is no permanent shelter available here. We can help him together.

2. Raj Kumar Soni Jee - He is talking to Lion's Club and Rotary Club Members in Dhanbad

3. Sai Mandir Trust, Puja Talkies, Dhanbad -  You can shift him to Mother Teresa center, Kolkata. They said, go and meet Surendra Arora Jee in Bank More and ask for help. He knows many peoples.

4. Surendra Arora Jee(Archies Gallery Bank More) - There are no any shelters available here, but you can contact Atul Rai, Purana Bazar Chamber of commerce and gave his phone numbers.

4. Atul Rai Jee - He said over phone, he will talk and let me know for him. He saved my phone number and will call to me regarding the same.

5. Girish Singh Jee - I know one center named "Mother Teresa Center" which is in Airport Road, Barwadda.

I am going today to visit "Mother Teresa Center" in Dhanbad. Let see what will happen.

Update 24 June 2016 Evening 6:48 PM

I am very pleased to tell you that we got one "Missionaries of Charity" in our Dhanbad Area. Thanks GOD. We will shift him tomorrow. Here is the photos of the same:

Finally we got the solutions for him. We will shift him after some documentation by Dhanbad Police Station. We had a talk with sisters of "Missionaries of Charity". She asked to bring him tomorrow.

Thanks Sisters of "Missionaries of Charity". Dhanbad

Missionaries of Charity Dhanbad
Missionaries of Charity Dhanbad
Missionaries of Charity Dhanbad
Missionaries of Charity
Missionaries of Charity Dhanbad
Missionaries of Charity Dhanbad

Update: 25 June 2016

I had gone to PMCH with some home foods and cloths and got shocked and cried to see him. He was not able to eat anything itself. He was hungry. Some nearby bed's people are helping with some foods. We feed some food and water and arranged to clean the body and changed cloth. 

I asked doctors about his treatment, he said mainly about lack of nutrition food. I asked him to free. After that I had gone to Bank More Dhanbad Police Station and gave letter to ask permission about the same. We would like to shift him from hospital to Missionaries of Charity Dhanbad. Permeswar Kumar Jee, Head, Bank More PS has told me with duly signed letter that you can go for it. You can shift him. After that I had gone to PMCH Hospital Dhanbad, Jharkhand and ask doctor for discharge letter for the same. I got letter. Here is the both letter:

After that I hired a vehicle to bring him from hospital to Charity home. In between, I arrange lunch for him. The auto driver was very good person and supportive. Thanks Auto Wale Bhaiya.

I am feeling fresh mind to see him with other people in "Missionaries of Charity Dhanbad". He was eagerly watching everything but could not able to speak.

I completed all formalities of the Charity Home and spent some time with him and other peoples in Charity Home and then went to my home back. Thanks to all people who has helped me in this mission.

One last thing: if you find anything about him and his family.  Please contact me for the same.

Updated 26 June 2016(Sunday)

I had gone to meet him and surprised to see him. He was feeling fresh with all people. He can walk. He can eat. I had a talk with sisters also. I had given one full postcard size photograph of him to sister. Other people said after 3 months, he will be fine completely. 

Thanks to All for your support.

01 January 2017 Updated

I had gone to Dhanbad Railway station and found one unknown person again who is phystatric and his hand was burned and damaged. I have shifted him from Parking area, dhanbad railway station to the Missionaries of Charity, Dhanbad.

Here are some snapshots:

Updated 18 August 2017

I am very happy today to shift him to the correct place so that he can live more life. He was cleaned by The Mother Teresa Centre. He was perfectly fine there but disturbing the other patient as he was psychiatric patient. The Authority of Mother teresa center has called me that he was disturbing, beating all person there. Please take him out from here and leave from where you brought him. I went to the centre and called one of my friend named "Kundan Ravi". He helped me with his car and we just took him out and leave him to the Railway Station again. I was in sorrow that he could not live in the Mother Teresa Center. He began to start their life as same manner again.

Updated 18 August 2017

Unknow person on Randhir Verma Chowk Dhanbad
I went to Randhir Verma Chowk Dhanbad on 16 August 2017 and see one unknown person there. I find out his name "Ganesh". People are running away to see him due to bad smell. I could not see him in this condition and feeling sorry that day. I called Local Parshad named "Ashok Pal" for help. He gave me one phone number of one Inspector named "Akhileswar Choube". I called him for help and went to Dhanbad Thana to meet him. But he was in meeting. I could not meet him. 

Than I went to Mother Teresa Center again and asked for help. Sisters visited the said place and saw the unknown person. Sisters are denying to take him permanently due to his illness. Ganesh has many illness, his both legs have fyleria disease and his both bumps are affected by Germs and mentally ill too. Due to this he could not able to move anywhere and could not do any work own.  At last, Sisters said, you can admit in Mother Teresa Center for 2 days for cleaning and first aid, then you have to admit PMCH for his illness. I  have given written agreement to the center and take him to Missionaries for first aid and cleaning. No any autowala was agree to take him there. I was worried but GOD has helped me and I found one autowala. He has helped me to reach him there. One traffic Police helped me to find auto. There are one person there called "Parathe Wala Bhaiya" used to give him Parathe and Vegetables and feed him. Thanks to all who has helped him. Now I  have to find the place where he can live permanently happily. Please help. If any one know about any such shelters. Help me. I am sharing some images.

Updated 19 August 2017

Now the second day has come and I was worried about him called 'Ganesh'. I went to the Missionaries to meet Ganesh second day in the morning. I was very happy to see him and his improved condition. Sisters said he has been cleaned and most of all germs have been removed by his wound. I was happy to see him. Now it is time to admit him somewhere else.

The sister at Missionaries asked me to admit him in PMCH, a Government Hospital in Dhanbad. I went to the Missionaries and asked suggestion to sister. She suggested me to admit him to the Government Hospital for fast recovery. I was not agreed for government hospital. That is why I asked to my Family compounder named Dinesh. He has helped a lot in private hospital. But he could not able to convince Dr Ranjana for admitting him on private clinic named Shankar Diagnostic. Dr Ranjana has not given permission to admit him. 

Dinesh has suggested me to meet Damien Social Welfare Centre Office Dhanbad just opposite to Shankar Diagnostic. I went there and told the whole story about Ganesh. The person sitting there was very helpful, he just convinced his director also called The Father of that organization. I met with one person A K Roy(sitting in Damien Office), he informed me to manage all expenditure of Ganesh own. I agreed.

He suggested me to visit his hospital named "Nirmala General and Leprosy Hospital" in Govindpur till 1 pm. I reached there with the patient Ganesh and told the whole Story to Dr. A K Singh and he was very kind person and gave admission. I was very happy to see this, because I was worried about him, that nobody is going to accept him. I would like to thanks to all persons who are giving their service in "Nirmala General and Leprosy Hospital". Now He has been admitted to Nirmala Hospital Govindpur and initial treatment has been started by the Dr. A.K. Singh. 

Now his treatment is going on. After some recovery, I will take him to Mother Teresa Center again. 

Updated 22 August 2017

I am going Nirmala Hospital daily to meet him. He could not able to do anything from his own. It is fourth days of his admission in that hospital. I asked 2-3 people for financially help named, Girish Singh(Property Contractor), Dhananjay Singh(Property Contractor), and my friend Kundan Ravi(God Health Company). I received Rs 2000 from Girish Singh jee. In this hospital, I am spending money for many things like, admission, medicines, daily living, food etc. That is why I asked some help from my friends. 

This Nirmala Hospital by Damien Society is very good working for Leprosy people. One thing, I talked to many patient who are generally beggar and could not able to afford their treatment and living in this hospital. In this hospital, nothing is free. I asked one person, who said that there is no donation comes, that is why they are taking some money for everything. I also talked to Father Bipin, he also said that you have to give money for living, admission, blood test, urine test, all types of medicines etc. I just feel that, the Government and many popular organization should donate this hospital so that many poor people can get good treatment and living there.

I have to open my own at least 1000 bed Missionaries with hospital so that many such patients can get good treatment and live there with all living arrangement absolutely free of cost. 
For that, I will talk to the Government and many such popular and big organization and will ask for donation for Nirmala Hospital and my own missionaries. So that in Nirmala Hospital, people can get good treatment and living there absolutely free of cost. Because Poors can not afford it. At least we can do something for leprosy patients and their kids.

Updated 29 Aug 2017

Today, I asked the sisters to re-admit in Missionaries of Charity after discharging from the Nirmala Hospital. I discharged the unknown patient named 'Ganesh' from Nirmala Hospital to Mother Teresa after 11 days of treatment. 

Updated 13 November 2017

Update in short: After discharge from Nirmala Hospital, I brought to Missionaries of Charity and thanks for sister for admitting him there. He is the patient of Epilepsy. After 2 months, sister called me that please take him out from here and send him to his brother.

I brought him to his brother named Ajay Gupta in Hirapur. His brother was not accepting him. He again ran away to court road, Randhir verma chouk and started the same life again. He is mental patient. I was so sad to see him again in that condition.

I found out the another missionaries. My neighbor named Mr. Girish Singh told me to go DC Office and ask there for any shelter service by the Government. In DC Office, Samaj Kalyan Vibhag told me to bring him Vridha Ashram situated in Sahyogi Nager, Sabalpur, Near Big Bazar, Dhanbad. I visited the Ashram to checkout and find one lady who is the manager there. She went Randhir Verma Chouk and brought him in Vridha Ashram. After 2 days, The owner of Vridha Ashram called me that He(Ganesh) ran away from the Ashram. I was so sad to hear this. Now I am searching him. I went 2 times to Sabalpur to find him out. Let see. May God help him. I will update soon.

Updated 08 July 2018

It is very sad to udpate this blog about Ganesh. I am crying since morning when I saw his injured images on Facebook. Many organizations have been helping him but no result. He again found in Randhir Verma chowk in the same condition. He was injured and his leg is full of worms. See the following posts:

I was crying since morning to see his images on social media site. One NGO called "Humanity Samajik Sanstha" who has brought him to PMCH Dhanbad Hospital from Randhir Verma Dharna Place. His legs are affected with worms. Now, his treatment is going on again in PMCH Dhanbad.

Friends, I want to help him permanently. He has Epilepsy and he has become mental patient and could not able to do anything from own. That is why his leg is affected by worms everytime. When I have brought him to hospital, he was in same condition. That is why I want to help him permanently and admit him in some mental hospital to cure his epilepsy(Mirgi). Please help me if anyone want to help me with anything.

Thanks GOD to give me so much courage to do this. I have taken admission in Brahma Kumaris Centre In Jharia Dhanbad and taking spiritual classes daily basis. The supreme lord, GOD Father "Shiv Baba" has given me lot of courage to do this. Thanks Shiv Baba. Om Shanti.

Thanks GOD to give the strength to do this.

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