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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Respect Women: Reflections: Dekh le Tu Dekhte Hue Kaisa Dikhta hai

Hello Friends,

I was going somewhere today and really feeling angry to see those people who were badly looking one lady, I was full of anger, where you would go, you can see these kind of people in our society.

This video by Filmelon has a good answer to those people.

Have a look!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shame on Our Country Police Service: Watch Aaj Tak Sting

Hello Friends,

I was watching News on Aaj Tak in one Sting Operation on New Police today(04-02-2014), I am feeling very very shame on our Country's Police Service. I am adding some H-English Language, sorry for that.

Yeh sirf Delhi Police ki bat nahi hai, yeh pure desh ki Police ka sawal hai, pure desh ki police corrupt hai, iska ek simple example le lo aap, ki koi aadmi dhoondh kar le aao jisne bina paise diye passport banwaya ho. Main pehle bhi likh chuka hu passport ki story. But aaj jo bhi Sting Operation main saamne aaya wo behad sharamnak hai.

Yeh bahut bada sawal paida karti hai ki, iss corruption chain main kaun kaun log ho sakte hai, CBI kyo nahi karwai karti. Yeh toh bhala ho Aaj Tak Team ka, jisme itna bada kaam kiya hai. Thanks Aaj Tak.

You can read whole Story on Aaj Tak Website, Here is the details:


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