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Saturday, December 29, 2012

India safer better place women

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Strong Action on Women Safety

Hello Friends,

I want to write something more about women safety in our country, you must have remembered about that Delhi Girl Case, For your information, that girl had been sifted to Singapore for treatment, but now she passes away on 29th at 2.AM. I came to know it in the morning watching news on AAJ TAK i.e. 'Tham Gayi Zindgi', I can not hold my tears and crying. Each and every people has got a question in their mind about women security in India and asking to hang all culprits in the middle of the market.

But I appreciate our Government, that they have taken quick action and started FAST TRACK COURT for  fast hearing of the case.

Before some day, I had written a quotes i.e.

"Change the way of your thinking, the world will be changed automatically" -- ravi kumar, i think, this is the quotes, we should follow, we should change our thinking towards women, then women could be safe and secure in our society. The women also should change their thinking. They should be strong and keep themselves far from traditional thoughts. We should remove gender inequalities from our society.

The Government is working on the correction and addition of the rules of molestation. We should work on ourselves and change the way of thinking. India is developing day by day, but people's thinking remain same.

We should have Law like that which can prevent such activity. We should educate each and every person in our society, so that people could not think like that. They think positive towards our society and can contribute for the success of our society.

As far as the punishment of that culprits has concerned, now they should be hanged only. This is the only punishment should be given.

Now our country need such a law on Various things like Living Relationship, Sex education, Molestation, Gay rules, Love marriage rules etc.

If you have anything in your mind, just add comment under it.

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