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Friday, March 1, 2013

Mehangai is increasing due to corruption

Hello Friends,

I am going to share with you something which I have gone through last night on Mehangai.

According to me, Petrol or anything's price is increasing day by day? Do you know? why?


Corruption is the main factor who plays an important role to increase 'Mehangai'

I would like to say an small case studies which I have faced yesterday.

I went to purchase 'Jhalmudhi' from one Mudhiwala Hawker and asked for price, you know, I was shocked to hear price by the Hawker.

I asked him why this is so expensive, a low salary people could not be able to buy it from you, then why are you selling so costly. Let have a small chat with that hawker:

Hawker(Madhiwala) and Me

Me : How much?

Hawker : Rs 10 and Rs 20. Minimum Rs 10

Me : The value of Rs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 has been gone out. Why? why are you selling so costly, a low salary people could not be able to buy it, then why?

Hawker : What to do sir? We have to give more money to the Bada Babu for my shop, that is why we have increase the cost. From where we will pay to Bada Babu.

Me : Oh My God! this is the matter, this is why the Mehangai is increasing. Corruption in the country at all level has been increasing day by day.

I just thought that people have to pay some black money or bribe that is why Mehangai is increasing day by day. This is one of the reason of increasing Mehangai, may be many more reasons would be?

One statement I remind that, when we are giving bribe frequently without any receipt also called Black Money, then why telling that 'Mehangai Bahut hai'.

Ravi Kumar


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