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Saturday, December 29, 2012

India safer better place women

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Strong Action on Women Safety

Hello Friends,

I want to write something more about women safety in our country, you must have remembered about that Delhi Girl Case, For your information, that girl had been sifted to Singapore for treatment, but now she passes away on 29th at 2.AM. I came to know it in the morning watching news on AAJ TAK i.e. 'Tham Gayi Zindgi', I can not hold my tears and crying. Each and every people has got a question in their mind about women security in India and asking to hang all culprits in the middle of the market.

But I appreciate our Government, that they have taken quick action and started FAST TRACK COURT for  fast hearing of the case.

Before some day, I had written a quotes i.e.

"Change the way of your thinking, the world will be changed automatically" -- ravi kumar, i think, this is the quotes, we should follow, we should change our thinking towards women, then women could be safe and secure in our society. The women also should change their thinking. They should be strong and keep themselves far from traditional thoughts. We should remove gender inequalities from our society.

The Government is working on the correction and addition of the rules of molestation. We should work on ourselves and change the way of thinking. India is developing day by day, but people's thinking remain same.

We should have Law like that which can prevent such activity. We should educate each and every person in our society, so that people could not think like that. They think positive towards our society and can contribute for the success of our society.

As far as the punishment of that culprits has concerned, now they should be hanged only. This is the only punishment should be given.

Now our country need such a law on Various things like Living Relationship, Sex education, Molestation, Gay rules, Love marriage rules etc.

If you have anything in your mind, just add comment under it.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Strong action on Women Safety

Hello Friends,

You just remembered the shocking occurrence of gang rape on 16th December in Delhi. All the peoples are angry on this occurrence and wanted a hard and strong law on the women safety. People are doing movement all the parts of the country for the same. I just wanted to know the government action on the same. We should not blame our government on the same. It is all about the Police's mistake. They should do proper duty in the night also.

Let see the actions taken by our government as per Press release id 91128 dated KSD/SK/22.12.2012 

Following is the text of the statement made by the Union Home Minister Shri Sushil Kumar Scinde on the gang rape case in Delhi : 

“The Government is extremely concerned about the shocking occurrence of gang rape, which took place in Delhi on 16th December 2012. 

All the six accused have been arrested by the police, the last one yesterday from Jharkhand. Sufficient evidence has been gathered to prosecute them and the charge sheet will be filed very shortly. Government is requesting the Court for a speedy trial through a fast track court on a day to day basis. 

Prompt action has also been taken against the transporter whose bus was used for this heinous crime. Permits for all the nine vehicles owned by this transporter have been cancelled. 

The victim is being provided the best medical care. Government will do whatever is necessary for her recovery. Her condition is being monitored very closely. She has given a statement about the crime to an Executive Magistrate last night. 

Government shares the widespread concern and support that has been expressed throughout society for the girl who has so suffered. Government also respects the right of legitimate protest. At the same time, there is need to exercise calm at this juncture and for everyone to work together to improve the safety and security environment. 

On its part, Government is committed to ensuring the safety of women in the Capital as well as in the rest of the country. A number of steps have recently been taken in Delhi, including the following:- 

(i) Improving the public transport system by increasing the number of buses at night. 

(ii) Installation of GPS on all public transport vehicles to ensure that they do not stray from their scheduled routes. 

(iii) Ensuring that all personnel deployed on public transport carry identification badges and are verified. 

(iv) Proactive and enhanced patrolling by police vans/motor cycles along routes taken by families and women returning late at night from entertainment hubs and work places. 

To ensure a strong law to deal with crimes of this nature, Government will take immediate steps for the amendment of the Criminal Law for enhanced and more effective punishment in the rarest of the rare cases of sexual assault such as this. 

Government will set up a Commission of Inquiry under the Commissions of Inquiry Act 1952 to review responses to this shocking crime and to suggest measures to improve the safety and security of women in the capital.” 

According to me, the Government has taken good actions, but we want a perfect law against women security in the whole country, so that in the future, there is no such incident would not be occurred.
Why People are on the road and near by the President Bhawan, because they want law to be made quickly and hang all the culprit of the said occurrence on 16th Dec 2012.
What are your suggestions on the same, please comment below. 


Bonded Child Labour illegal below age 14

Hello Friends, I would like to share with your one Policy and rules which should be strictly follow in each and every field of India.  The Government's Policy called The National Child Labour Project Scheme since 1988. I want to tell you brief about this scheme. Under this scheme, the government search the children who are in hazardous occupations under below age 14, they will help to rescue such child from that conditions and get them admission-ed in special schools.

Frankly speaking, any person who employs a child in any prohibited occupations and give employment to the children under the age of 14 will be getting punishment with imprisonment or with fine. The Government has started a campaigns against these type of person against child labour and enforcement of child labour laws.

According to Press Release ID : 89872

I would like to tell you that there are many such places, companies, hotels, restaurants where small children are employment who are generally younger below age 14. When I was returning to delhi from my home town, I saw near the railway stations, there are many such tea soaps where small children were washing glass and pods. I wondered to see them that our central government came with this child labour act policy, but still peoples are breaking the rules and guys I would like to tell you that why these are happening, the soaps associations are tied up with local polices and give money against this.

Now think, that our government has made policies and law but they do not care about others sort of things that people are following or not, they fully depends upon Polices who became careless, except some of the honest police officers, all are careless and take bribe against our law. They itself break our law.

We should cooperate with the government and should strictly follow this child labour act, we should not hire children for our selfish work. If we see such childs working in soaps, we should just rescue such childrens and get them admissioned in the schools.

If you found such childrens just contact the local polices or Ministry of Labour and Employment

Our Government has made a committee called Gurupadswamy Committee to study on the same. Our Ministry has own a separate department of Child Labour


Ministry Address

Ministry of Labour and Employment
Shram Shakti Bhawan
Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001

Phone: http://labour.nic.in/content/innerpage/contact-us.php


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Donate your Bone Marrow and save someone from Blood Cancer

Leukemia(Blood Cancer) is the such disease in which the patient need his matching bone marrow. Every year many people die from Blood Cancer, they could not get their matching bone marrow.

To see this problem, the Indian Government has started a Marrow Donor Registry(India) in which you can just donate your bone marrow. All donations to this registry are tax exempted under 80G.

In Blood Cancer treatment doctor just transplant the patient's bone marrow and save from this cancer, if patient does not get, they will be die from this disease.

Your contribution will save many people's lives.

'Give someone a tomorrwo; Pledge your marrow today'

Contact for donation

Marrow Donor Registry(India)

Reg. Office: Department of Transfusion Medicine,
Tata Memorial Hospital, Dr. E. Borges Marg, Parel
Mumbai - 400 012, India
Tel. : 022-65152695
Mb.: +91-9223586076
Email: info@mdrindia.org

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Updated : 29-June-2014 Indian Railway Tatkal Scheme booking still not working

What to say about Indian Railway tatkal booking, it is still not worth it. I am a professional writer. I have to book tatkal ticket from Chennai Central to Howrah for my parents who had gone to CMCH Vellore for treatment of my mom's nerve problem in her arm and leg. I was talking to my father and he said to me that doctor had written many types of test and after looking report of test, she has given some medicines for two months and they have to return back to Jharia, Dhanbad. That is why I am on irctc.co.in. I had checked one day earlier seat status, it was showing 259 seats available in sleeper and 48 seats available in 3rd AC from Chennai (MAS) to Howrah(HWH), but when I sat for booking tatkal ticket of 20th October 2012, My weird experience of the Indian Railway Tatkal Scheme. I cried while booking ticket.

Weird Experience on irctc.co.in

When I opened Google and type IRCTC and pressed entered, I found website from where I had to register tickets. When I clicked on irctc.co.in around 10:00 AM, it’s says SSL error i.e. server error, I keep trying to book tickets, but unfortunately time was passing fastly, it was 10:30 AM but the website did not opened, so that I could register tickets. Then I planned to check status of seats availability on indianrail.gov.in, it says seats not available and the seat status in tatkal is in waiting list. Now friends, say where I was wrong, I have my broadband, there is no problem with my internet, but website does not open generally at the time of 10.00 to 11.00 AM. This is my weird experience with irctc.co.in. I will give zero (0) rating to this service of website irctc.co.in.

Friends, this is not a fault of website, but it is a fault of our system. The government has passed many rules and policies on tatkal bookings like following

Booking open at 10 AM
Any ID proof is urgent while booking
There is not agent could book tatkal scheme
There are some special trains on puja vacations etc

There are many such rules have been passed, but still our system is not working well, you know why? When we are not working well, then how we can expect from the system. In our country, still agents are collecting high amount to book tickets on tatkal scheme and our railway staff is also supports and help these thief agents who are making our system fully corrupt. The government has put lot of restrictions on this, but still this is running everywhere.

My uncle say, there is a big queue of people in lodge where they stayed who want ticket but they are not getting it and they are forced to live in the lodge for some more time due to not getting tickets. Because you see, if you have urgent need of railway tickets, you will not get it urgently and happy news is that you can not do anything except waiting, because you can not purchase flight tickets. At last, I had to say my parents that you just go to Katpadi stations at night and stand in a long long queue to get tatkal tickets. Thing at railway stations, people do make a queue from night, as the booking will start from 10 AM in the morning. Look, there is a very long queue for that. Still they will not get tickets, because all tickets will be booked by agents first by giving some money (bribe). This makes our system weird. Finally my uncle could not get Tatkal ticket.

Again in Queue Next Day

Friends, My Uncle stood in a queue to take tatkal ticket in KATPADI, VELLORE station, they said, there are 55 people who is before him. Generally what happens in counters, there are some agents who do take tickets in advance and sell the needy people in very high amount and earn black money from it. Finally today on 20th October, My uncle stood in a queue since night and it is now 10:00 AM and railway Tatkal booking starts and all agents start taking tickets first, there were no security in the counters to see. Do not know why? The Government has taken action against agents, but still the corruption lies at railway booking counters, agents give some money to railway staff too, so that both could earn from it. Finally, it is 10:15 AM, my uncle on counter and railway staff say that there is no ticket, it is waiting now.

Now Friends, say what should they do, although they got offers from agents to purchase tatkal ticket by giving extra money. Now you tell me, what should be done. My parents have been waiting at lodge due to not getting reservation, till when they can wait. At last They have to give extra money to agents to get reservation like that If you are thirsty and there is no drinking water anywhere except some dirty water blowing on the land, what you should do, you have to drink it finally.

This is the funda of agents which makes the Indian Railway Tatkal Scheme system dirty like that. The Government has made system, but they could not able to manage it to stop corruption everywhere.

You would tell me that, the Government staff is keep going to the concern department and keep checking, but when they about to come in the railway ticket reservation centres to check the faulty system, all staff already know it that manager is about to come to audit and they become alert earlier. The Government senior team should check the quality suddenly so that they can find the fault and remove it.


You see, today my uncle again stood in a queue since night long, but unfortunately, due to not getting tickets, some of the young boys get involved in quarreling from the railway staff, they were fedup with this system totally. I was having great depression due to this, because it is the third day we were trying for tickets from vellore to dhanbad. But we are getting it.

Complaint in IRCTC

Finally I have complaint to IRCTC, i was calling at toll free numbers but lines were busy, no body is taking call then I mailed them and gets quick reply from them: here is a brief about that mail regarding complaint:

Mail from my side:

Dear sir,



Reply on the same.

Thanks & Regards
R K Gupta

Reply from IRCTC

I can share full contents exactly due to some privacy reasons but they say that

"This is programmed activity and no manual intervention is possible for blocking Tatkal booking. There are large no. of passengers who book Tatkal tickets through thousands of face to face counters, and Internet. Tatkal seats are reserved with in few minutes.
During the period from 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM there is heavy rush on the website due to opening of Tatkal Booking . To overcome these constraints, steps like database upgradation , addition of more servers and increased Internet Bandwidth have been taken." 

For Complaint on IRCTC

If you also want to lodge a complaint in IRCTC about any issue, here is the following contact numbers and emails:

Phone number(Paid) : 139

Toll Free : 1800-111-139

Complaint by SMS :  9971111139

Email: care@irctc.co.in


Our government should take strong and strict action on it, so that our system would work smoothly.

Railway Budget 2012-2013 News Updates

Thanks to Bansal sir for giving such a wonderful Railway Budget, in this budget he has given a new technology of booking railway tickets online. In the new technology, we can book 7200 tickets in a minute and 1.2 lacs people can login at one time(Old techniques: only 2000 tickets in a minute and 40K login at one time).

In this new techniques, now people will not have to face railway reservation issues with IRCTC website. They can book tickets very fastly.

This is the actual reasons why we did not book tatkal ticket. The actual reason was low bandwidth of their server. Now our railway minister promised that they will improve the website.

Updated on Holi 2013

Read full report here first at aaj tak Holi with Ticket Agents

See again problem still lies, there is no any single Government employee who will be honest, now what to do, agents are benefiting from this system. Ultimately peoples have to face problem.

Updated on 29th June 2014

This can be pleasant news for us that IRCTC has taken action on above mentioned problem, they have launched their fastest website for railway reservation, now new website has 7200/minute capacity and one lakh 20 thousands people could be able to use this website simultaneously. Read this news.

One More Update, I was reading an article on How to Book Confirmed Tatkal Train Tickets [IRCTC]. This Article is very useful for you. Have a look.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Prevention of Drug and alcohol use in Educational Institution

Drug and Alcohol are the harmful drinks, it should be avoided by every people. But Here I have come to discuss one thing about the drug and alcohol use by the school students who is in teen age between 12 to 16. They should take this, because this is harmful for them.

Our government has also created a program with collaboration with National Bal Bhawan for the prevention of the same and create awareness for ill-effects and bad affects of alcohol and drug in our body. In the school, there should be an awareness program which should give training to the students about the same, so that they came to know about the fact.

Always, students keep started the smoking, drinking, and drug in the bad friendship circle. They parents do not know about it. Students take this and hide from their parents.

I would say, The Government has taken big and good steps regarding the same issue. Our Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has started this program and opening a Bal kendra in the whole country and start making awareness through the poster, writing, lectures, rally and serials.

We should also start making awareness among our child and if you are teacher, say to your students about its bad affects in our body.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hindi language and its challenges and developments

Hello Friends,

I want to write something on Hindi, Hindi is the language which is developing very fastly in all over the world. As I am an Indian, It is our National Language, by the way in India, there are many languages, people used to speak according to the location and community. But still Hindi is our National language which have been speaking in many regions.

I got up early in Hindi Diwas i.e. 14th Sep 2012, I firstly wished my all friends in Facebook and got news paper, i saw the development of Hindi and wondered to know that Hindi and Sanskrit are such languages which have been added in course curriculum in the world universities and colleges in like China, U.S., Russia, UK etc. Over 170 countries in the world where Hindi is being taught by the colleges to students. Hindi has become the International languages in the world.

I also wondered to know one person's comment on Hindi Diwas that Why we celebrate Hindi Diwas, it low down the status of Hindi. Why we celebrate any Day, due to promotion of any Day. It is unfortunate that We are going to celebrate Hindi Diwas, as it is our National Language, we should use this language and never let it down.

I was listening our president Sri Pranav Mukherjee lecture on Hindi diwas 2012, he was doing lot of mistakes speaking his lectures, his Hindi was also not good, it was happy to listen his lecture at the end, he told us that next year my Hindi will be good too.

As famous actor Amitabh Bachchan said on KBC set on Hindi Diwas, that we should promote all the languages with Hindi, we should have proud to tell any languages. He told us a famous line of his father Late Sri Harivansa Rai Bachchan Sahab on that day.

It is wondered to know that, in the Europe, there are more than 12 magazines is published in Hindi Language.

Some helpful Tips on Hindi Use

1. Hindi can be using in your mobile phone, iPad, iPhone etc, you can change your language settings.

Helpful Article: How to type in Hindi in your Android device.

2. It can also be used in your computers and mobiles too. You can change the network settings in your OS, control panel.

3. There are many website where you can types in Hindi or translate your english to Hindi like

4. Learn typing in Hindi[ildc.in/inscriptlayout.html], where you can download the hindi keyboard layout and can learn.

Every people want to use Hindi in their daily conversation, but due to lack of knowledge, they could not use it. I would tell you that you can learn typing Hindi or use online tool to translate your sentences in Hindi. Many people want to use Hindi in their blogger or any others blogs, but can not write. Learn First.

"To use Hindi in our National language important for success of our country"
-- Mahatma Gandhi jee

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gandhi Jee and The Independent India

Why I am here to write about Independent India, I want to share with you something, today Indian again in hand of some politicians. India is not same as it was at the time of Gandhi jee. Gandhi jee has got India Free from British but now again India is unfree, its is cover with corruption and lot of irregularities in our Country. Riots are not closed yet. We can take example of ASAM and Mumbai.

He was in Shawl and loincloth, and in the same dress he had visited the Lancashire to particilate in conference of all the countries to discuss about Indian freedom. For this act we should take lessons from them, how he boycotted the Western Cloth and give importance to Indian Cloth, think that time there is not manufacturing plant, on what basis he refused the western dress, it was only the basis of 'Charkha'.

I want to remember Gandhi's Jee patience and non-violence, after the barbarism of the British Government at Jaliawala bhag, still Gandhi jee solved this issue vary patiently, he was so clever man, he knew everything but non-violence is the only strong point he was having.

He had to go jail various times, but he never felt shy on it, he was proud to go jail for Indian people.

When Gandhi Jee came from South Africa to India, He saw the cruel act of British administration and saw how people were facing lots of problem from it. He decided to set free India from British Government and wanted to make new India having own country act and rules.

India is free now and we are having own rules and act of our own sovereign, It has gone 64 years. Gandhi jee had given freedom to us but he could not stop the casteism and not able to stop by dividing of HINDU AND MUSALMAN, then only India and Pakistan became separate.

When riots were going on between Hindu and Muslim in India after freedom from British Government, he was very upset on it and decided to keep uncertain fast and he did. when riots were closed then he left fast. He saved dying himself.

That time riots was closed but after the death of Gandhi jee on 30th January 1948, again it started and till yet it is going on.

These are the sentence of Free India, Now again India is in problem, lots of irregularities, voilences, riots, problems like corruption etc came against the success of the country.

At the time of Gandhi jee, people were not having lot of money to give others, but now it is the time when people having lot of money to give bribe and make India corrupt. We need Gandhi jee again in our country and make it clean India.

Friends, Gandhi jee used to say that some of the British people can not rule on crores of Indian People, if people started refusing it, they could not able to survive. But the today it is not the problem we have our own Government. According to me if people would not give bribe, our country which has population in billions and every people started fighting with that, then think friends what will happen. We elect government in our country.

We can not forget the sacrifice of Gandhi jee and other leaders who was with him. We again have to take steps against these problems, we can not change others, but we can change ourself by non-voilence, truthfullness, helpful to others. We can help the Government to fight from it and remove it.

Friends something I missed or did mistake, so kindly send me email or comment here. I will update this page.

Sorry if done any mistake.



Ref: Information collected by Internet

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Swami Ramdev Bharat Swabhiman Yatra

Bharat Swabhiman Yatra

Hello friends,

I came here today to support BABA RAMDEV for this Swabhiman Mission. We should support him. There are various issues in the country like Black Money and Corruption[main topic].

These two badness which push the Country back. Baba Ramdev has raised the same. They asked to the current Government to resolve this. According to Baba 49,325 crores found undisclosed and 600 Crore tax evasion found.

Before some day, Anna jee has done revolution , but the government has taken no any action.

We support him for this revolution.



Sunday, July 29, 2012

Indian Government totally online

All Indian government office related links are available... . Kindly save it......

Why I am sharing this to all my Brothers and sisters, Now All Government Departments are online, now no need to go Government office, you can apply and check the status online, for this, the big corruption "Bribe" have been shut down and Our country become Corruption Free Country.

Here are the lists

* Birth Certificate http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=1
* Caste Certificate http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=4
* Tribe Certificate http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=8
* Domicile Certificate http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=5
* Driving Licence http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi..php? service=6
* Marriage Certificate http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=3
* Death Certificate http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=2
* Search More - How do I http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ advancedsearch. php

Apply for:
* PAN Card http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=15
* TAN Card http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=3
* Ration Card http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=7
* Passport http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=2
* Inclusion of name in the Electoral Rolls http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=10
* Search More - How do I http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ advancedsearch. php

* Land/Property http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=9
* Vehicle http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=13
* With State Employment Exchange http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=12
* As Employer http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=17
* Company http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=19
* .IN Domain http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=18
* GOV.IN Domain http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=25
* Search More - How do I http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ advancedsearch. php

* Waiting list status for Central Government Housing http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=9
* Status of Stolen Vehicles http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=1
* Land Records http://www.india. gov.in/landrecor ds/index. php
* Causelist of Indian Courts http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=7
* Court Judgements (JUDIS ) http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=24
* Daily Court Orders/Case Status http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=21
* Acts of Indian Parliament http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=13
* Exam Results http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=16
* Speed Post Status http://www.india. gov..in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=10
* Agricultural Market Prices Online http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=6
* Search More - How do I http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ advancedsearch. php

* Train Tickets Online http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=5
* Air Tickets Online http://www.india. gov..in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=4
* Income Tax Returns http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=12
* Complaint with Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=14
* Search More - How do I http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ advancedsearch. php

Contribute to:
* Prime Minister's Relief Fund http://www..india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=11
* Search More - How do I http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ advancedsearch. php

* Send Letters Electronically http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=20
* Search More - How do I http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ advancedsearch. php

Recently Added Online Services
* Tamil Nadu: Online application of marriage certificate for persons having registered their marriages http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2691
* Tamil Nadu: Online District wise soil Details of Tamil Nadu http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2693
* Tamil Nadu: View Water shed Atlas of Tamil Nadu http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2694
* Tamil Nadu: E-Pension District Treasury Tirunelveli http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2695
* Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by Name (2008) http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2697
* Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by EPIC number (2008) http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2698
* Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by House number (2008) http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2699
* Himachal Pradesh: Revised Pay and Arrears Calculator-Fifth Pay http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2702
* Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by Part number (2008) http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2700
* Andhra Pradesh: Online Motor Driving School Information http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2705
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jago Grahak Jago Consumer Helpline Numbers 1800-11-4000

Why People Pay more money than MRP

Friends, i would like to tell you one thing, Do not pay a single paisa to shopkeepers for any grocery or any itmes you purchased from the shop or any where else.

I would like to share one thing in my experience, when i used to live in South delhi, i daily go to purchase milk from mother dairy shops and the shopkeepers always ask fifty paisa extra, the milk has printed MRP RS 14.50 but he used to take RS 15 from the customers always, when i have got to know this activity, i told against him and forbade to give extra money, i wondered that he became agree to take the same money from me and said, what to do sir, "Yaha aisi hi chalta hai round figure" and i wondered a lot that people pays, because they do not have time and change paise.
Guys something more I want to add here, the above weird experience with retailers and booth of mother diary. When I have complaint to Mother Diary customer care, they told that particular booth and instructed, after that particular booth does not take extra money from me, but what about others!

I again fedup with rates of Mother Diary Milk at 23rd November 2012, all the booth and retailer again started taking Rs 15 and Rs 20 instead of Rs 14.50 and Rs 19.50. Now I have complaint again to Mother Diary Customer care and in this time, I said them that You should follow the Indian Government Policy to keep rate of your product in the multiple of Rs 1.

Guys You do not believe that, after some days, the news rates of mother diary came in the market rated Rs 15. I overwhelmed. I surprised that why people pay more than MRP. I think 'Delhi Walo ke pas jyada paisa hai'.

This is one experience.
Again, i have got one chance to say against the Railway platform shopkeepers, i was going somewhere and have gone to purchase water bottle and biscuits etc. I wondered that the bottle has printed Rs 12 but he was asking Rs 15 from me and also in biscuits, the MRP was Rs 10 but he charge Rs 12, i said, why boss, why you are taking more..
One day again in a Railway platform, one of the hooker asked more than MRP, I told him to complain to Station Master, than he took MRP only from me.
listen his voice

"what to do sir, i also have to pay to Bada babu i.e. bribe", that is i am asking more money.

Now tell me friends, what you should do that time? I complained to Indian Railway about this.

Now, i would like to tell, you do not pay any single extra money than MRP to any shopkeepers, always ask for that, do not give money. You can help to others also.
Updates by Consumer Forum India Against this IRCTC Hawker dated 02-03-2013

According to Consumer Forum India news dated 02-03-2013, consumer forum has fined Rs 10 Lacs against IRCTC Hawker, why they take more than MRP from customer. I have also faced this issue and complained to Station Master. I am happy with it that Consumer forum has taken very good step against this issue, from this problem will be resolved and in future, I hope now hawker will commit such mistakes. - Navbharat times dated 28-02-2013

Jago Grahak Jago... National Consumer Helpline ... 1800 11 4000 Toll Free Number,or 011-27006500 or SMS your name and city from your mobile and send it to 8800939717.

For this, Government has passed the policy of Round Figure MRP, now it is mandatory for any manufactured company, print the MRP in the multiple of Rupees not paisa.

Ravi Kumar
GSE Social Services
Updated : 02-03-2013

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