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Saturday, July 28, 2012

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Why People Pay more money than MRP

Friends, i would like to tell you one thing, Do not pay a single paisa to shopkeepers for any grocery or any itmes you purchased from the shop or any where else.

I would like to share one thing in my experience, when i used to live in South delhi, i daily go to purchase milk from mother dairy shops and the shopkeepers always ask fifty paisa extra, the milk has printed MRP RS 14.50 but he used to take RS 15 from the customers always, when i have got to know this activity, i told against him and forbade to give extra money, i wondered that he became agree to take the same money from me and said, what to do sir, "Yaha aisi hi chalta hai round figure" and i wondered a lot that people pays, because they do not have time and change paise.
Guys something more I want to add here, the above weird experience with retailers and booth of mother diary. When I have complaint to Mother Diary customer care, they told that particular booth and instructed, after that particular booth does not take extra money from me, but what about others!

I again fedup with rates of Mother Diary Milk at 23rd November 2012, all the booth and retailer again started taking Rs 15 and Rs 20 instead of Rs 14.50 and Rs 19.50. Now I have complaint again to Mother Diary Customer care and in this time, I said them that You should follow the Indian Government Policy to keep rate of your product in the multiple of Rs 1.

Guys You do not believe that, after some days, the news rates of mother diary came in the market rated Rs 15. I overwhelmed. I surprised that why people pay more than MRP. I think 'Delhi Walo ke pas jyada paisa hai'.

This is one experience.
Again, i have got one chance to say against the Railway platform shopkeepers, i was going somewhere and have gone to purchase water bottle and biscuits etc. I wondered that the bottle has printed Rs 12 but he was asking Rs 15 from me and also in biscuits, the MRP was Rs 10 but he charge Rs 12, i said, why boss, why you are taking more..
One day again in a Railway platform, one of the hooker asked more than MRP, I told him to complain to Station Master, than he took MRP only from me.
listen his voice

"what to do sir, i also have to pay to Bada babu i.e. bribe", that is i am asking more money.

Now tell me friends, what you should do that time? I complained to Indian Railway about this.

Now, i would like to tell, you do not pay any single extra money than MRP to any shopkeepers, always ask for that, do not give money. You can help to others also.
Updates by Consumer Forum India Against this IRCTC Hawker dated 02-03-2013

According to Consumer Forum India news dated 02-03-2013, consumer forum has fined Rs 10 Lacs against IRCTC Hawker, why they take more than MRP from customer. I have also faced this issue and complained to Station Master. I am happy with it that Consumer forum has taken very good step against this issue, from this problem will be resolved and in future, I hope now hawker will commit such mistakes. - Navbharat times dated 28-02-2013

Jago Grahak Jago... National Consumer Helpline ... 1800 11 4000 Toll Free Number,or 011-27006500 or SMS your name and city from your mobile and send it to 8800939717.

For this, Government has passed the policy of Round Figure MRP, now it is mandatory for any manufactured company, print the MRP in the multiple of Rupees not paisa.

Ravi Kumar
GSE Social Services
Updated : 02-03-2013

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