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Monday, October 1, 2012

Prevention of Drug and alcohol use in Educational Institution

Drug and Alcohol are the harmful drinks, it should be avoided by every people. But Here I have come to discuss one thing about the drug and alcohol use by the school students who is in teen age between 12 to 16. They should take this, because this is harmful for them.

Our government has also created a program with collaboration with National Bal Bhawan for the prevention of the same and create awareness for ill-effects and bad affects of alcohol and drug in our body. In the school, there should be an awareness program which should give training to the students about the same, so that they came to know about the fact.

Always, students keep started the smoking, drinking, and drug in the bad friendship circle. They parents do not know about it. Students take this and hide from their parents.

I would say, The Government has taken big and good steps regarding the same issue. Our Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has started this program and opening a Bal kendra in the whole country and start making awareness through the poster, writing, lectures, rally and serials.

We should also start making awareness among our child and if you are teacher, say to your students about its bad affects in our body.



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